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Español / English / Pусский Последнее

 обновление/Last Update/Utima 

Actualicacion: v.2.0.4 - 01/2023

- Русская поддержка:  Danil Levin 

*Por el momento solo subiremos actualizaciones android, por las prestaciones del motor, se han actualizado Apis para mayor compatibilidad de dispositivos. Se esta trabajando en las localizaciones de idioma para salir en todos al mismo tiempo. 

* At the moment we will only upload android updates, due to the engine performance, Apis have been updated for greater device compatibility. They are working on the language localizations to come out in all at the same time.

* На данный момент мы будем загружать только обновления для Android, из-за производительности движка Apis были обновлены для большей совместимости с устройствами. Они работают над языковыми локализациями, чтобы они вышли одновременно.

Updated 16 days ago
StatusIn development
Rated 3.6 out of 5 stars
(13 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel
Made withAdobe Photoshop, Paint Tool SAI, GameMaker: Studio
Tagsamor, Anime, artgame, GameMaker, Gravity, gravityfalls, love, Pixel Art, Romance
Average sessionA few minutes
LanguagesEnglish, Spanish; Latin America


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Is as good as expected.

The background music is louder than the voice,though.

But that aside is a 10/10.

AHAHAHA, she can't do anything to stop me from housing to the home screen. Makes her look pathetic.

gravity falls

Soos knows we shouldnt

oh but we should



Oh my god it's real

my thoughts exactly

Um I super interested abt story can u give a little details? 


um was hoping to little how how she revised and how plan is now 

i always thought someone will make a game of this and here it is

Это так и должно быть, что после нескольких попыток выйти из игры, после того, как я стал ее парнем, появляется черный экран, нажимаю на телефоне кнопку назад и снова эта же анимация появляется, где она не отпускает меня?

Да, она злится, если ты оставишь ее :p


this does not give a virus, right? :/


itch is a virus free website

i think is a virus 

Watch gravity falls, you will find one episode that will explain it.


isn't this that dating game from gravity falls

I think so

i just die in the end i guess


tried getting the game and windows already be like "nah homie, i already know she crazy no way is you getting this game" (*cough cough* gravity falls reverence)


Soos shown us not to trust it

You guys should do something with the musis it’s make my head so ughhhhhh

hmm, i think it ran out of questions.

she asked if i would be  her boyfriend and i replied  yes and nothing happend. she just stood there. staring, i tried everything i could to progress it but all i could do is click her face. i exited and hopefully if i start the game again it will continue? or maybe that was the end. but, if it was the end, why wouldn't it just say so ;l

next time maybe try pressing the escape button...

eu gostaria sabe se a giffany totalmente  ela é real? Ou só foi parte de animação? 

;-, ksksks ela me deu no medo quanto virou animatronic mais no final ;-; ela era muito bonita cara ;-;💓


I’m fuckin scared and U don’t even have the game yet.....I don’t think I will😰

i fucking scared


u should be this shit fuckin creepy as hell if u have this game better not get deleted 


Muy pronto, aun estamos buscando colaboradores para el pixel art y la voz...

Very soon, we are still looking for collaborators for pixel art and voice ...


Yes finally someone made Soos' cursed game



porque mi navegador me marca como virus esto,lo es o no o es?

Es por la versión de librerias de windows que uso  gamemaker para compilar el juego, si quierea puedes usar la version Android o la version html5 que encontraras en njestra pagina de gamejolt

yo creo 


Ahora la pregunta cosmica, que fue primero Doki Doki o giffany

doki doki 

The  game kept crashing and bugging everytime i tried to press a button is that normal?

If you mean the event of trying to leave after giffany is "angry"? if it is normal, it is a small touch that the fans will understand, if it is another, indicate where this failure occurs.

No Like the game started to act weird like i didn't even start yet like i tried to click something but nothing happened (Also i love Gravity Falls! My fav character is Grunkle Stan...). 

nope nope nope this shit is never normal do NOT recommend 

nice touch  when you press escape it dont let you out.

try Not to get deleted 

Esto tiene pinta de fangame cancelado. Sigue con la misma versión para Android, y aun no ha puesto la nueva versión del PC.

ya se actualizaron los apis para los dispositivos android y se subio la version de pc

i really like it now i can know what love is XDD

it’s also fuckin creepy as hell have u not noticed it (I’m a fan of gravity falls too!)


oh like from gravity falls! cool!

English support


we need this in English

yo no spiko ingles...XD... Sorry, ok, but i not audio english for moment... please wait. Working it.

cool, ill download it when its english! hope you get someone to help you!

English supported

the game is in english


P.D: Hasta encontré el Turbotime: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3TaZxrUSHfeOVg4U0ZPVGJtLUE/view?usp=sharing

Y en cuanto a la academia del romance, antes de salir del juego, es pertubador, y hasta se queda la pantalla en negro.

(1 edit)

Gracias por comentar y el aporte, aunque ese es de ralph haha.

Bueno era parte de la idea y que tratas de abandonarla.

Bueno, el Turbotime si que lo fue, no iba a mencionarlo, porque ya lo sabrías con el otro comentario de los otros 5 juegos que hay en el comentario de abajo con los links (puedes echarles un vistazo si quieres). P.D: No iba a tratar de abandonar nada por el momento.

(2 edits)

Anda!, ahora un juego de Gravity Falls se hizo realidad, la tía esa la he visto alguna vez en el Disney Infinity 3.0 con una especie de clon de Street Figther llamado "Figth Figthers". Es algo muy extraño que hagan versiones reales de juegos supuestamente "ficticios". Hasta yo tengo en mi perfil un juego venido de Hora de Aventuras, "Guadians of Sunshine": https://ofihombre.itch.io/guardians-of-sunshine

y 5 fangames de Rompe-Ralph:

Wrecking crew- Ralph edition: https://ofihombre.itch.io/wrecking-crew-ralph-edition

Wreck-It Ralph unity: https://ofihombre.itch.io/wreck-it-ralph-unity

Sugar Rush- Street Racing: https://ofihombre.itch.io/sugar-rush-street-racing

Sugar Rush Sprinter: https://ofihombre.itch.io/sugar-rush-sprinter

Vanellope Sweet Adventures: https://ofihombre.itch.io/vanellope-sweet-adventures